Really? “Savile coverage: Help or hinderance”

This was the subject of the phone in, Your Call, on Radio 5Live aired this morning.  Earlier, I had heard Brendan O’Neill, editor of on-line magazine Spiked, interviewed, and was astonished at what he said.  Actually, I have been deeply troubled.  Really Brendan, “if you were abused by Jimmy Savile, maybe you should keep it to yourself”?  I couldn’t disagree more. Continue reading Really? “Savile coverage: Help or hinderance”

Hot news! Kindle contract signed!

Yesterday I signed a contract with Live It Publishing and for the move of Hurt to the Kindle platform. I am so excited about this.  I wrote Hurt so that the stories of the families of children who were sexually abused could be heard – to give a voice to this voiceless section of society.  Sales of the paperback book have been steady, but not staggering.  It has been frustrating that the voices aren’t being more loudly heard – although I know that Hurt is reaching those that need it.  By going on Kindle, a different marketing strategy can be applied, and it has every potential to go viral.  So, go Adam ( do what you can to accelerate Hurt up the Kindle sales list.  Watch this space for details….

Deception: Truth will out

Is it just me, or does anyone else have the feeling that veils of deception are being shaken and slowly lifted?  There seems to have been a stream of truths emerging over the last few months, perhaps even longer than a few.  Organisational deception, so deception on a mass scale.  The amount of energy, of collusion that it must take to conceal a truth is massive; monstrous.   Continue reading Deception: Truth will out