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January 2013

The sound of silence…

A damp, drizzly day in February 2011 and I am standing on the open deck of The Navigator on Doubtful Sound, Fiordland National Park, New Zealand.  I have come to one of the world’s great wildernesses to drink in this… Continue Reading →

It’s not your fault…

  Today I’m thinking about the headlines in the media that say that victims of abuse feel glad that they have been heard, that they are believed. That’s one thing, when there is no risk of trial, since the key… Continue Reading →

Age of consent

The term ‘age of consent’ is an interesting one.  It rarely occurs in legal terms, or rather in the statute book, but  there’s a generally assumed view that it refers to the minimum age at which a person (importantly, both male… Continue Reading →

Publication of Police/NSPCC report into Jimmy Saville – due today

I wonder what the report will cover, and what it will conclude.  I wonder how much of a tome it will be.  I wonder how much will be ‘not said’ for fear of recrimination.  I bet it’s been crawled all… Continue Reading →

The long neck tribe, Northern Thailand

Peter and I had a few days in Northern Thailand in February 2012, as part of a wider tour of IndoChina.  “IndoChina” in three weeks, with quite a crammed itinerary, so our research in advance wasn’t as it might have… Continue Reading →

If you cannot be passionate about what you do, do something else…

Towards the end of last year (I’m catching on that we’ve moved on a year), I was asked by Fasthosts, my web hoster (who incidentally have provided me with an excellent service) to take part in a campaign for better… Continue Reading →

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