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June 2016

Oh what a world we live in…

There is indeed an ugly mood at the moment. Information comes fast in thick torrents of bubbling, chattering, and endless streams. Oh what a world we live in. There is no chance to breathe, at times, and you feel like… Continue Reading →

Wellbeing post-surgery

I’ve learned a lot from this experience. Initially it was patience – thanks to the unnamed Doctor in Treliske who told me I needed to learn to be patient; it stopped me being frustrated and angry. I also think there’s a simple… Continue Reading →

Book Review: A Shepherd’s Life, by James Rebanks

My friend Karen said that this was one of the best books that she had ever read. She has repeatedly told me to read it (particularly recently given some potential lifestyle alterations). I am grateful for her insistence. A Shepherd’s… Continue Reading →

Fourteen weeks post-surgery

Since the last post (whoops, meant to be a bit more consistent on this one), I have shaken the feeling of being trapped by my body, by time, and by circumstance. The watershed came at about six weeks post-surgery, when… Continue Reading →

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