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September 2017

Buckle up: the MA has begun!

In most major undertakings, I like to sit down with a blank page and mind-map out the expectations and the  things that I want to get out of it. It’s been full of busy recently, so I didn’t manage to… Continue Reading →

Book Review: In The Zone: How Champions Think and Win Big, by Clyde Brolin

I came across this book when I heard Clyde Brolin interviewed (on Chris Evans’ Radio 2 show). It was when Vasos Alexander, Evans’ sports reporter, described it as the book he’d wished he’d written that I ordered it. Human psychology… Continue Reading →

Book Review: Four Mums in a Boat, by Helen Butters, Niki Doeg, Frances Davies and Janette Benaddi

“Friends who rowed 3,000 miles, broke a world record, and learnt a lot about life along the way” That’s the strap line for Four Mums in a Boat. It is an enticing story, and an inspirational one. Four mums who… Continue Reading →

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