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Spring is in the air!

What a difference a couple of days of sunshine makes! It seems to have been an endless winter. Not the ‘proper’ cold of a winter, but one of a more modern kind. Global warming is to blame, apparently, but there… Continue Reading →

Am I good enough?

This has been a theme that has rattled around my week, and being a believer in the nudges that we tune into, it becomes the topic of focus for a blog.  It all began on Monday, when I took my… Continue Reading →

The gift of feedback

I’ve had the privilege of reviewing two works this week, one a manuscript and the other an academic assignment. Both very different, but both very important to the individuals. I enjoyed reading both, but felt a bit out of practice… Continue Reading →

Is it heresy to give up on a book?

It’s a closed question, so it’s got to be either a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’, but can is there a ‘maybe’? In the last couple of weeks I’ve been struggling with this dilemma.  Following the successful MOOC. Plagues, Witches and… Continue Reading →


This week’s blog is a kind of rage, a frustration against myself.  It’s because we’re finally about to agree an offer on our house.  The one that we’ve been trying to sell for nearly 10 months. And yet, I don’t… Continue Reading →

My January DRYATHLON for Cancer Research

In fact, at the time of publishing, I’m about seven hours away from Glory.  A month of self-imposed prohibition, in aid of Cancer Research.  After a period of sustained indulgence over the festive period, I was feeling all a bit,… Continue Reading →

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