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March 2013


Last night I collected a prize for writing, adventures from our sailing activities. It could bring new opportunities. This, at the same time as having a knee injury, which seems to limit everything. Oh, how the Universe works. I am… Continue Reading →

The battle between two wolves

                    I saw this yesterday on Facebook.  It’s one of those ‘photos’ that get shared around.  Some get more shares than others, but this one seems to have captured the hearts… Continue Reading →


  The ability to question, to reason, is what sets us apart from other inhabitants of our planet.  It is a blessing, and a curse.  It can drive us forward, and it can hold us back.  It can expand our… Continue Reading →

A question of ‘risk’

  “Risk” used to be the area of work that I knew something about.  Understanding risks, assessing risks and managing risks.  It’s a field of work that I left sometime ago, and it came as quite a surprise to be… Continue Reading →

Another Catholic cover-up

I find the whole business of the story of Cardinal Keith O’Brien troubling, and at the same time, sadly it doesn’t surprise me.  The Catholic Church has a shameful history of abuse, which the hierarchies have tried to hide.  But,… Continue Reading →

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