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A question of ‘risk’

  “Risk” used to be the area of work that I knew something about.  Understanding risks, assessing risks and managing risks.  It’s a field of work that I left sometime ago, and it came as quite a surprise to be… Continue Reading →

It’s not your fault…

  Today I’m thinking about the headlines in the media that say that victims of abuse feel glad that they have been heard, that they are believed. That’s one thing, when there is no risk of trial, since the key… Continue Reading →

Publication of Police/NSPCC report into Jimmy Saville – due today

I wonder what the report will cover, and what it will conclude.  I wonder how much of a tome it will be.  I wonder how much will be ‘not said’ for fear of recrimination.  I bet it’s been crawled all… Continue Reading →

Are attitudes to sex changing?

  It hardly seems possible that a little under 30 years ago, the BBC banned the record “Relax” by Frankie Goes to Hollywood from being played on air.  It wasn’t banned from its release, but BBC Radio 1 DJ Mike… Continue Reading →

More arrests with ‘Operation Yew Tree’

Operation Yew Tree is the name given by the Metropolitan Police into the investigations of allegations of sexual abuse linked to Jimmy Savile (that’s not the best sentence in the world, but I can’t work out how else to put… Continue Reading →

“It’s our little secret”

Yesterday was a very strange day.  Talk about doing something that puts you right out of your comfort zone.  Last night I went up to London, with Pete as my chaperone, to a TV studio to broadcast on a live… Continue Reading →

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