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On reading ‘Slipstream’

I’m currently working on an article for a competition, and that has had me thinking a lot – more than usual – about the process of writing. It may be no coincidence, but I’ve also been reading Elizabeth Jane Howard’s… Continue Reading →

Why do you write?

This is the question that jumped out at me this week, and the without hesitation response that I heard in my head was ‘to make sense of the world’ Well.  That rather surprised me, and I’ve been thinking about it… Continue Reading →


I thought it was time I wrote about progress on my WIP.  I’ve been chipping away, still working with the snowflake method.  I really enjoyed spending time with each of the main characters, and I feel like I have some… Continue Reading →

A great week!

    Why has it been so?  I feel energised, happy and productive.  These things matter to me, and when I look back on the last week, I can really say that I’ve had a ‘great week’.  Let’s take each… Continue Reading →

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