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Operation Yew Tree’s first conviction – why is it so significant?

It’s been some time since I wrote about the fallout of Savile, and the investigations into the sexual abuse of children. Yesterday, Max Clifford was found guilty of eight counts of sexual assault against young women, and girls as young… Continue Reading →

Another Catholic cover-up

I find the whole business of the story of Cardinal Keith O’Brien troubling, and at the same time, sadly it doesn’t surprise me.  The Catholic Church has a shameful history of abuse, which the hierarchies have tried to hide.  But,… Continue Reading →

Justice has been cheated – Cyril Smith was a child sex offender

I heard this yesterday on the news, and it was another case to distress me.  I am so disturbed by this.  I only hope that the tidal wave of such allegations keeps going in the wake of Savile.   The… Continue Reading →

“It’s our little secret”

Yesterday was a very strange day.  Talk about doing something that puts you right out of your comfort zone.  Last night I went up to London, with Pete as my chaperone, to a TV studio to broadcast on a live… Continue Reading →

Trial by Twitter

Oh dear, this is so hard to reconcile.  For once, I agree with our Prime Minister, David Cameron.  I think that the naming and rumouring on social networks doesn’t help in the long run.  At one level, it could prejudice… Continue Reading →

Theresa May launches another inquiry – but let’s herald Tom Watson

In Parliament on Wednesday (6th November) Theresa May announced another inquiry, into the allegations of child sex abuse that took place in north Wales in the 1970s and 1980s.  There was an inquiry before, but it was restricted in what… Continue Reading →

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