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More arrests with ‘Operation Yew Tree’

Operation Yew Tree is the name given by the Metropolitan Police into the investigations of allegations of sexual abuse linked to Jimmy Savile (that’s not the best sentence in the world, but I can’t work out how else to put… Continue Reading →

Trial by Twitter

Oh dear, this is so hard to reconcile.  For once, I agree with our Prime Minister, David Cameron.  I think that the naming and rumouring on social networks doesn’t help in the long run.  At one level, it could prejudice… Continue Reading →

Really? “Savile coverage: Help or hinderance”

This was the subject of the phone in, Your Call, on Radio 5Live aired this morning.  Earlier, I had heard Brendan O’Neill, editor of on-line magazine Spiked, interviewed, and was astonished at what he said.  Actually, I have been deeply… Continue Reading →

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