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Book Review: Eyrie by Tim Winton

Eyrie tells the story of Keely, a washed up, middle-aged man who is self-medicating with alcohol and prescription drugs. The book is set in Fremantle, Western Australia, and the eyrie is Keely’s tenth floor flat of the Mirador building, where… Continue Reading →

Book Review: Dirt Music by Tim Winton

I adore Tim Winton’s short stories and I think he is an incredibly gifted writer. I love his writing – it is so clean and yet so rich. In Dirt Music, I wasn’t disappointed in his writing. However, it took… Continue Reading →

Writing authentically

You know when parts of your brain fire off each other, as connections from things you’ve read, seen, done spark together?  Well, authenticity has been my food for thought this week.  I start from the premise of a person liking to… Continue Reading →

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