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Book Review: La Belle Sauvage (Book of Dust), by Philip Pullman

I steadfastly tried to ignore the hype about La Belle Sauvage for two reasons. I didn’t want anything to distract me from the progress of the MA, and I didn’t want my mind clouded by others’ opinions. I managed to… Continue Reading →

My #2017bestnine

The Instagram trend, #2017bestnine, surprised me. The image captures most of the ingredients of what life is all about. The images made me smile. My husband, my dog, gig rowing, wine… ❤️ Like any trend on a popularity vote, it… Continue Reading →

The first session of the Masters is done…

Well. How did that happen? Three months have evaporated. It has been the most intense, all-consuming ‘thing’ that I’ve done in a very long time. It is a very long time since I worked full-time (then a 60-hour week, no… Continue Reading →

J is for J-Class

Love at first sight In August 2001, when learning to swim was still on my ‘to-do’ list and I had no interest in actually sailing, I’d taken up a friend’s offer to hang out on the Isle of Wight for… Continue Reading →

N is for Night Sailing

In insurance terms, sailing is known as a dangerous sport, but most of the time, unless you’re slightly bonkers, it’s really a set of calculated risks. That said, there are times when things go wrong, and you make the best… Continue Reading →

A is for Ambition (the sea and me)

Bear with, as Miranda might say. Until relatively recently (in my comparative lifetime), I believed that the sea was something you visited. It was there. A repository for holidays. For times when you needed to ‘get away from it all,’… Continue Reading →

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