The happy tagline...
The happy tagline…

Last year I watched a friend of mine take part in this, and enjoyed some of her simple observations.  I didn’t Instagram then, so I was a mere observer.  Towards the end of the year an old friend persuaded me to join Instagram, and when the new year clicked around, it seemed obvious to connect the two.  If I was on Instagram, I may as well do something useful with it.  And so began my #100happydays.

I’ve had 15 days of happy posts, and, much to my surprise, I think it’s making a difference to my perceived happiness.  I start from the position of being a generally positive person, always looking for the upside, rather than the downside, but the act of seeking out a photograph to capture a moment has really encouraged me to be active in the positive – happy even.  I notice more, I appreciate more, and therefore I think that I actually am more happy.  Who’d’ve thought it could be so simple?  I’m really pleased that I’ve joined in.  I don’t much mind that no one particularly likes or follows, this time it’s all about and for me!

For more information go to 100happydays or to see what I’m capturing find me @juliawebbharvey on Instagram.  What is there to lose?

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