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April 2014

Operation Yew Tree’s first conviction – why is it so significant?

It’s been some time since I wrote about the fallout of Savile, and the investigations into the sexual abuse of children. Yesterday, Max Clifford was found guilty of eight counts of sexual assault against young women, and girls as young… Continue Reading →

Book review – The Book Thief, Markus Zusak (Kindle Edition)

  The Book Thief is set in war torn Nazi Germany, in the impoverished Himmel Strasse of Molching.  A ten year-old girl, the protagonist, and her brother are sent to new foster parents, but the boy dies en route.  Her… Continue Reading →

Book Review: Life after Life, Kate Atkinson

  A baby is born in 1910, and dies before taking a breath.  The same baby is born and lives, and dies again and again.  Atkinson takes this central premise, and asks what if there are second chances, third, or… Continue Reading →

Seizing the day

I am in danger of writing to a total cliche – writing rule number one. Never use cliches. So writing a whole stream of consciousness about it? Perhaps it is a massive Faux Pad. Oh well… here we go!

My writing week – at last!

  At some point last week, I realised that my WIP had largely lain neglected for six weeks.  This, I thought, was not good.  What happened?  Somehow a couple of weeks of things, mounted in to more, and I hadn’t… Continue Reading →

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