I am in danger of writing to a total cliche – writing rule number one. Never use cliches. So writing a whole stream of consciousness about it? Perhaps it is a massive Faux Pad. Oh well… here we go!

By nature, I am a planner. I am organised, can be disciplined, and like it when things happen as they should. I am also minded to be a bit crazy, spontaneous, a little bit rebellious, and quite unashamedly unconventional. We had friends that were due this weekend, but an annoying injury for the boy meant that the sensible thing to do was to postpone. This is an important factor, because the planner didn’t have to have a full fridge, and the more vampy part of me could emerge. Thus, when the sun shone on Friday, the list of things that would have made my house more comfortable anyway (cleaning, shopping, and an attempt at planting potatoes) was easily tossed aside when we decided to zoom-zoom around in Kevin in search of lunch in St Mawes. The tides were right, and we hadn’t arrived in our own boat before. So, why not?

It was a glorious experience. We sat in the warm sun, with a beer, putting the world to right, saying to each other “this is exactly why we moved to Cornwall”. And it is, and I’m glad we took the moment, even though supper was a bit ‘scratch’.

I seem to be in a very ‘carpe diem’ frame of mind. I’ve been tuning into my inner desires, and I’ve rediscovered that I want to explore as much of the world as I can – while we (Mr H and I) have health, time and budget to do it. It gives me such pleasure, and I am lucky enough to be in this position… I know that. I am truly blessed. At the age that I am, my father was in poor shape, and within a couple of years, he’d had triple heart-bypass surgery. I hope I’m not on the same genetic path, but it is possible. We never know what is around the corner, so life breathes a different rhythm for me at the moment.

Do what makes your heart sing, and live with grace.

Yesterday, it was the joy of being on the water, it was truly beautiful. Today my simple pleasure has been in making bread, and walking the Headland. Tomorrow… Well, who really knows what it will bring?