I just can't resist these smiles!

I just can’t resist these smiles!


Why has it been so?  I feel energised, happy and productive.  These things matter to me, and when I look back on the last week, I can really say that I’ve had a ‘great week’.  Let’s take each of those in turn.

I feel energised. I’ve taken my wellbeing more seriously this week – now that the distraction of family visitors is gone.  I’ve been running, done circuits in the garden (channelling my inner-Kate), done some pilates and in the last few days, I’ve walked miles (19 and the day isn’t yet done).  I’ve eaten better; loads of home-cooked food.  Quality ingredients, simply cooked.  I always feel better about myself when I take better care of myself.  I am energised by it.

I feel happy.  A very good friend has been visiting from London for 48 hours, and it’s been like being wrapped in big squishy hug.  She is fun, warm and we have put the world to right.  She is just lovely to be around, and I feel like I’ve been on a break with her.   She’s the one I’ve walked miles with, and there’s just something so freeing in walking.  The Cornish coastline provides a beautiful backdrop, but in walking, well, I think it clears my process.  I need to store that away as a technique for when I feel stuck/blocked.  An hour walking could make a heck of a difference to my productivity.

I feel productive.  I have been motivated by the Literary Adventure (I fly out four weeks today! Agh!), and this has made my desk-time focussed.  I’m pleased with myself, and even though the work may not be of the highest quality (how can it be in a first draft/dump), it’s been flowing.  My character story lines are filling, and I’m imagining scenes as well as spotting gaps and flaws.  I am eager when I walk up the stairs to my garret to continue writing, which thrills me.  Long may this continue.  I’m toying with the idea of enrolling for NaNoWriMo – as I think this will push me along a little more – and I work well to deadlines.  No doubt I could do it without it, but there’s something motivating, for me, about shared agendas and goals.

Next week has the potential to be as ‘great’, with the company of a good friend replaced by the Falmouth Tall Ships.  Peter and I are volunteering with our RIB, so we will be in the midst of one of the highlight’s in Falmouth’s calendar.. with plenty of space for writing.