I believe in coincidences, that they are the Universe nudging you along a path of fate.  My husband scoffs at such thoughts.  Our birthdays are a couple of weeks apart, we are both Aquarians.  Nothing really in that, but is it a coincidence that when we first got together, that we were both given the book “The Celestine Prophecy” by James Redfield.  A book all about coincidences, synchronicity.  It made for fascinating discussions at the time!  In recent weeks, I seem to have stumbled, or rather, have perhaps been nudged, through a series of synchronous events.

It all began a few weeks back with Murielle, the amazing founder of Live It Publishing.  Murielle had sent out the regular newsletter from Live It, just at the time when I was thinking about putting a proposal for my next book.  She happened to be in the country, not far from me in Sussex, so I ended up meeting her.  What an incredible lunch – we talked and talked and I left feeling very fired up (she has that effect on people)!  I’d been approached by a Kindle Publisher via Facebook to put Hurt on Kindle, and not knowing what to make of it, I’d forwarded the message to Murielle.  Anyway, that has resulted in Live It partnering with http://publishmybookonkindle.com. Check out the new logo on Adam’s page – that came as a result of a chance email to me!  We also talked about End The Tears, a campaign in its infancy to stop abuse…. Which got me fired up in a whole other way.  Bear with for the next connection in this…

Yesterday, I had called up a friend to talk about my African Son (another story), a boy that I sponsor in Uganda through Mityana Charity, and she was asking what I was up to at the moment.  I told her about Hurt, and the kindle launch…. It turns out that her good friend has been through the same situation – her children were sexually abused by a family friend.  She has set up an organisation, Enough Abuse, in order to try and tackle the prevention of abuse, and protection of children.  I cannot wait to get in touch with her, and see where this takes me.

Who else believes in coincidences? I wouldn’t have believed it had you told me that I’d be focusing on the horrors of childhood sexual abuse at this juncture.  And what timing, with all that is falling out of the shadows at the moment.  I certainly wouldn’t be back on this path had it not been for the nudges along the way.