I heard this yesterday on the news, and it was another case to distress me.  I am so disturbed by this.  I only hope that the tidal wave of such allegations keeps going in the wake of Savile.   The boys reported it to the police in the 1960s, in 1970 it was not pursued because of a lack of corroboration.  In 1998 there was a decision that there was enough evidence, but that it couldn’t be brought because there was no new evidence.  Another case later that year says that there is not new evidence, and the original decisions cannot be overturned.  In November 2012 the CPS and the police say that he should have been charged.

What kind of Society treats victims like this?

Those poor boys, now men, who have had a lifetime of not being sufficiently heard.  Why do we protect the perpetrators and do so little for the victims?  12 men reported sexual abuse, with eight of them as boys coming forward in the 1960s.  How much more corroboration did it take?

How many more unreported acts have potentially taken place because a prolific offender was not taken off the streets?  It beggars belief.

Report by the BBC