I wonder what the report will cover, and what it will conclude.  I wonder how much of a tome it will be.  I wonder how much will be ‘not said’ for fear of recrimination.  I bet it’s been crawled all over by lawyers from the Met Police and the NSPCC.  I wonder what might be passed off as being a different time. I wonder what recommendations will be made.

I wonder how much the accounts of the victims will be reported.  I wonder what they will get from reading the report.  I wonder whether they will feel heard, believed, as early reports claim.

I wonder how much will be moved on because of this report, or is it that more power for change comes with the media and social media.  How many of us will actually seek out and read the report and try to decide for ourselves.

I wonder how much will change because of this report.  Will the scandal, the investigations, the reports make us better equipped to protect our children from predatory paedophiles, or the chancing celebrity?

There will be no one solution, but let us hope that it moves us along the path to a safer future, in not too many words.

BBC news in advance of the publication of the report…