This is the smile when you’ve achieved the dream of a lifetime, and crossed The Atlantic. Oh, and the beard, obviously. My husband, (Pete, on the right) could pass as Santa Claus in a different outfit!

Crossing the Atlantic wasn’t my dream, even though Pete thinks I’d be marvellous at it, but it has been his for many a year. I’m so proud of him for having just achieved it along with his good buddy Chris. They crewed for a fellow Rustler 42 owner, taking Margansie from Tenerife to Antigua.

Pete left home on 17th November, and even though I’ve really missed him (and cursed him, when the chimney leaked, the carpets didn’t arrive, his car needed an MOT… You know, you know…) he went with my support and blessing. What kind of relationship is it when one holds back the other? Just because it wasn’t my dream, I was determined that he shouldn’t miss  the opportunity when it came. The deal-clincher, of course, was that I fly out to Antigua to join him. Tomorrow Karen (Chris’s girlfriend) and I leave Cornwall and come Thursday afternoon, we should be having a rum punch watching the sun go down. It’s been a very long month, and I cannot wait to see him and hear what it’s like to hit one of life’s big goals. The thought of warm Caribbean sun is also very appealing, and I want to relax and read. I’ve hardly read anything in the time that he’s been away – too much to sort out!

On a more trivial note, fingers crossed we can fool the BBC in to our location and watch the Strictly Final live next Saturday afternoon (local time). I might not get a chance to vote, but I’ll be yelling ‘under marked’ at the judges over Jay if it’s like most other weeks!

With the Strictly bubble in mind, I wish you all a sparkly Christmas, filled with love, peace and joy.  Keeeeeeeep dreaming!